Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera price in Pakistan

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera price in Pakistan

wireless cctv camera price in Pakistan , also known as IP cameras or internet CCTV systems , are a relatively new technology with the first cameras appearing over 10 years ago. Because of this, of course you may not know all the strange and wonderful things that this new system can do long ago compared to analog CCTV cameras . In this article I will give you ten reasons to choose Wireless CCTV for monitoring your home or small business.

1. You can view the home or place of business you live in, from anywhere in the world. This is the main difference between the Wirelsee CCTV and older cameras. If you are on vacation, you can open your laptop and log in to your own website via the internet and view live pictures of your home

2. You will receive instant notification via SMS & email whenever your camera spots an intruder. This means you get a text message on your phone the very minute a movement is detected on your property. Older CCTV systems often can’t raise alarms at all.

3.You can see the recorded images while you are thousands of miles away from the property, so if your wireless CCTV system sends an alert to your mobile phone, you can log in right away, use your laptop or cell phone itself, and view the recorded image for viewing. what caused it. Traditional CCTV , camera access only from the same building.

4. No technical knowledge required. Provided you get a fully configured Internet CCTV Camera Pack from one of the specialist companies out there, instead of simply buying a camera from a general retailer, you don’t need any technical knowledge at all, you just plug in! The older generation of CCTV cameras often required a specialist installer.

5. The recorded image is stored safely from the property, not left on the video recorder as the older system, the video recorder could be stolen when he gets a break-in, take the evidence with it. With Wireless CCTV , images are sent across the internet for safe storage away from the scene.

6. The cameras are wireless, so they are very easy to fit. What you do is find a place to attach it to the wall or ceiling and then run a low-voltage wire to the nearest socket. With older cameras, you would need to run a coaxial cable from each camera all the way to the video recorder or monitor.
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7. Wireless CCTV uses internet technology, which means it is compatible with all computer networks and does not want to be outdated as long as we have a computer network, unlike analog CCTV which has become outdated technology.

8. Smart wireless cameras, each one is like a small computer. They only record images when something happens, unlike traditional CCTV cameras which are “dumb” and send photos in a constant stream even when nothing happens.

9. How often do you see photos on TV news that are taken from security cameras – often black and white, blurry and fuzzy? Wireless CCTV , the pictures are sharp, clear and colorful cctv.

10. Finally, you can access camera photos on your cellular phone, and you can even turn your camera on and off by sending a text message. This means that if you leave the house, but realize that your camera is off, you just send a text message from your phone to turn them on! You get this functionality that doesn’t exist with traditional CCTV .

Now, perhaps when you come to upgrade your CCTV system , you will have some additional facts to help you choose the best system for you.

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