What is CCTV ? Why Video surveillance system is important

We often heard about this term(CCTV) and use this word in our daily lives cctv, but have you ever wondered that what does it means? Or how could this technology works? Or what could be the abbreviation of this word? Actually very less number of people know about the answers of above questions even in today’s advanced world. But don’t worry if you are reading this you will also come to know about this technology and its features.

What is CCTV?
CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. There are two types of CCTVs that are widely being used in Pakistan now-a-days. First is analog and other is IP obtaining CCTV. But here we will briefly discuss about the first type (analog ones) This is an Analog CCTV camera that is being used for years around the world. This is the most common type of camera that is being used in the field. Expert says that, ‘’ Picture a camera or series of cameras with a dedicated set of wires fed into a recording device and series of monitors. Video is recorded and stored on site’’
Uses of CCTV in Pakistan
Basically, CCTV is used for multiple reasons in Pakistan. An analog CCTV is used to record pictures to the digital recorder that converts this video to the digital format. To see that video, for remote access to be broadcast through an internal network the DVR needs to be connected to router or monitor to be broadcasted. Although, there are Government’s rules for the power of these analog signals.
In Pakistan, Analog CCTV plays crucial role to run various kind of business. It allows an employer or boss of any company to see their employees or the persons who are working under them. An owner(boss) can see their employees for hours and even for many days by just sitting at home or from anywhere through this CCTV. It provides ease to these sort of people.
Luckily, you can also use this technology (CCTV) at your home for various purposes. For instance, if in case God forbids, your house got robbed by robbers and you are having this CCTV at your house so later, you can show that footage to security or police and get those robbers captured by them or if you went somewhere away from home and meanwhile your kids are alone at home and you are worried about your kids, so through this CCTV cctv camera you can see your kids whenever you want to see them, or if in case you went somewhere and your maid is alone at home so you can see her each activity with the help of CCTV,cctv camera price in Pakistan.

So in this way, CCTV is very important as well as plays important roles in our lives. Its price is very reasonable in Pakistan. By just spending very less (reasonable) money on this technology you can live and enjoy your life carefree. So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait and rush to buy this technology (CCTV) as soon as possible and enjoy its features. 786 surveillance solution is the best cctv camera company in Lahore.

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